Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I really need your help! 我需要你的协助!

As today, the election fund it is still far from enough for me running an effective election campaign.

I will spend RM5,000.00 for candidature deposit, RM3,000.00 for poster deposit, RM1,500.00 to pay Perak DAP and RM5,000.00 to DAP Ipoh Timur Election Committee for materials prepared for each candidate, RM5,000.00 for publicity materials including leaflets, billboards and buntings, and RM4,000.00 for miscellaneous.

That starts with you. Make your donation by banking into Public Bank account (No: 4-9729800-29 ONG BOON PIOW). For every single cent you donated for me, please acknowledge me through email (ongboonpiow@gmail.com) and I will issue the receipt for you.
我非常需要你们的协助。若蒙俯允,敬请汇入马来亚银行户头(号码:4-9729800-29, ONG BOON PIOW)。凡汇入的款项,敬请通过电邮(ongboonpiow@gmail.com)告诉我,而我将在稍后寄上收据给你。

When faced with impossible odds, generations of Malaysians have responded with a simple creed that sums up the spirit of a people.

Yes we can. This campaign is about building a different kind of politics. We don't take money from special-interest political action committees. Instead, our broad base of individual donors ensures that this campaign answers to no one but the people.

I would like to thank in advance for any type of your assistance you render for me.

Let us fight for a better tomorrow! Malaysia and Perak deserve better!

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